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Magda Argueta Guzmán

Ph.D. Candidate in Entomology
at UC, Riverside

I ask theoretical questions regarding how natural communities assemble & why we observe changes in diversity at different geographic scales. To find answers, I use my favorite system of study: Flowers, bees, and their gut microbes! 


Jan 2022: I had so much fun writing a SciComm piece related to vulture bees and their gut microbiome! You can find the piece publsihed here

Feb 2022: Now published online: The role of seasonality and disturbance in bee–plant interactions in semi-arid communities of the southern Chihuahuan desert :D

Most of the bee species don't make hives...

They nest under the ground in brood cells like this one:

Where they encounter many interesting microbes

Some of them potentially good for the larvae development, but some others can be harmful

Image by CDC

General skills that my research implies:

  • Systematic field sampling

  • Molecular lab work

  • Bioinformatic analysis

  • Ecological & data analyses

Ceremonia de graduación

Do you want to help increase representation of historically excluded groups of scientists in the Entomology field?

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